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What does sun damage look like?

While spending time outdoors laying in the sun sounds like summer to you, it is important that you realize the toll this can take on your skin. Years of sun exposure can contribute to sun damage on the skin, and can also contribute to the development of skin cancer. Patients who want to achieve healthier skin are encouraged to connect with the team at the Skin Center of South Miami to discuss the presence of sun damage and ways to reverse it. 

What does sun damaged skin look like? 

Sun damage can prematurely age the skin while also increasing one’s susceptibility to developing skin cancer in the future. Noticing the signs of sun damaged skin is one way to determine if extensive sun exposure over time is affecting the appearance and health of the skin.

Below are a few of the more common characteristics of sun damaged skin to look for: 

  •         Poor skin texture and tone (often dry and rough)
  •         Fine line and wrinkles developing
  •         Skin laxity (loose and sagging skin)
  •         Development of spider veins
  •         Ruddy skin complexion
  •         Hyperpigmentation (freckles, sun spots, etc.)

How can I reverse the signs of sun damage? 

Sun damage to the skin is commonly referred to by professionals as “photoaging.” There are a few approaches patients may consider when it comes to restoring the skin’s health and beauty after sun damage. Chemical peels, laser treatments, and light therapies can help smooth the skin and reduce the signs of sun damage, while a proper home skincare routine will also improve the skin. Working with a South Miami, FL area dermatologist to discuss the best treatments to rejuvenate the skin is the first step many patients can take towards a healthier appearance, and speaking to our team about ways to protect the skin from further damage is key to reducing one’s risk of skin cancer and skin imperfection caused by sun damage. 

Schedule a visit with the team at the Skin Center of South Miami 

South Miami, FL patients ready to learn more about protecting their skin and improving it after sun damage are welcome to book a consultation appointment with one of our doctors at the Skin Center of South Miami. Call the office today at (305) 740-6181 to request a visit at 7800 SW 57th Avenue, Suite #110.


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