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What Are the Benefits of LightSheer™ Diode Laser?

Young woman is having laser procedure.

Diode laser is a form of laser hair removal treatment that offers a gentle touch, removing hair while protecting the skin. This form of laser hair removal is an effective treatment of all skin and hair types.

Is Diode Laser Hair Removal Effective?

Diode laser hair removal is an effective treatment. Many patients will find that their hair is removed long-term. The diode laser hair removal involves minimal discomfort.

Is Diode Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Diode laser hair removal can be permanent following a course of treatment customized to your needs and hair type. Since not all hair is in a growth phase at the same time, it may be necessary to revisit certain treatment areas to permanently remove hair.

Once hair has been completely removed from areas of the body, it will only grow back under very rare circumstances such as a significant hormonal change.

How Many Treatments Are Needed for Laser Hair Removal?

The number of laser hair treatments you should schedule depends on the area that needs to be treated. In most cases, very significant results can be seen in 3-5 treatments. It may be necessary to have 7-10 treatments at different times for complete and permanent removal.

Is There Any Side Effect to Laser Hair Removal?

When laser hair removal is done correctly, the risk of side effects is extremely low. A qualified practitioner must customize the laser settings to your complexion and to the area of the body being treated.

In most cases, patients undergoing laser hair removal on the face or neck area will have their skin cooled with a cloth or cream shortly after treatment. There may be slight redness, but this should not progress to swelling. Cosmetics should not be used immediately following treatment.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe on the Face?

Laser hair removal is extremely safe for facial areas. The laser pulse used on the face is much gentler than the pulse used in other areas of the body where the skin is thicker. If you feel uncomfortable with the strength of the laser at any given time, it can be adjusted immediately.

Does Laser Hair Removal Also Remove Scars?

Specialized medical lasers can be used in the removal of scars. However, it is essential that the right type of laser, set to the appropriate settings, is used for each separate procedure.

Does Laser Hair Removal Stimulate Regrowth of Hair?

Hair follicles targeted by the diode laser are permanently gone, preventing future growth associated with that follicle. No form of treatment or stimulation in the future will bring back a follicle that has been appropriately and completely treated.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal uses laser light to remove hair follicles by targeting the melanin in the follicle. Melanin is the pigment that provides hair with its color. The presence of melanin allows the laser to be precisely targeted, heating and damaging the hair follicle.

Individual hairs must be targeted one at a time. Not all hairs are actively growing at the same time, so a patient should be treated throughout the whole hair growth cycle to ensure that all hairs have been removed.

To learn more about the LightSheer™ Diode Laser, make an appointment today with Skin Center of South Miami or call us at 305-740-6181. Our team of dermatologists has extensive experience in providing the latest, most effective treatments for a wide range of skin conditions.


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