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Acne Dermatology Treatment in Miami

What is acne?

Acne is the term associated with pimple outbreaks that almost everyone experiences at some point in their life. Acne can show up anywhere on your body, but is usually found on the face, chest, upper back, or shoulders. Although acne is an extremely common problem, it varies in severity and in some cases can negatively impact a person’s self-confidence, skin health, and daily life. Learn more about acne and the various treatment options offered at the Skin Center of South Miami by calling 305-740-6181 today!

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What causes acne?

Acne is most commonly the result of one or more of the following:

  • Hormonal changes (e.g. puberty)
  • Poor diet
  • Poor hygiene
  • High stress levels
  • Dehydration
  • Genetics
  • Certain medications
  • Hormonal changes
  • Oils from makeup and other products
  • Sports equipment or apparel

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Acne Treatment?

In general, if you have acne, you are a good candidate for acne treatment. In fact, seeing a dermatologist for acne that persists even for a few weeks can be beneficial. There are several types of acne and several different ways in which this condition may present based on the type that you have. Knowing the type of acne that you have serves as a guide to the treatment or treatments that will be most effective at bringing health back to your skin.

How to Prepare for Acne Treatment?

You don’t need to go overboard preparing for your acne treatment or for your consultation with a dermatologist. Before your appointment, it is best to avoid unnecessary sun exposure and to wear sunscreen every day. The day of your appointment, simply wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Do not scrub or exfoliate your skin. If you need to apply a moisturizer, do so sparingly. Based on your dermatologist’s treatment recommendations, they may suggest other ways to prepare for a comfortable and successful procedure.

Recovery and Aftercare for Acne Treatment

At Skin Center of South Miami, our most common acne treatments are clinical facials and gentle peels. There is usually no recovery time needed after these treatments. You can expect to resume your normal activities either immediately or the following day. The most common side effects of peels and facials are mild to moderate redness. After an acne treatment in our comfortable dermatology office, you can continue to nourish your skin by using the recommended facial cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreen as discussed with your provider. Sun protection is also a necessity for the prevention of acne flare-ups and scarring. If you have questions about how to care for your skin after your treatment, talk to your doctor. We’re here to help you enjoy clear, healthy, attractive skin!

How Soon After My Treatment Will I See the Results?

This can depend on the severity of your acne and the way in which your provider treats your condition. More severe acne may take longer to improve through a course of treatments that include both facials and chemical peels. Milder acne may resolve more quickly but may still benefit from subsequent treatments to continually address clogged pores and oil production. Some studies indicate that severe acne can improve significantly within eight to 10 weeks of beginning chemical peel treatments scheduled in three-week intervals. When you consult with one of our experienced dermatologists, you can expect to discuss the expected improvements from your recommended treatment plan.

How Long Will the Results of My Treatment Last?

Our goal is to help you gain control over problematic acne. For some time, it may be necessary to receive ongoing care. This may range from a few times a year to every month until the underlying cause of your acne diminishes. For example, a teen who is dealing with severe cystic acne may need to remain under a dermatologist’s care for a few years, until hormone balance improves and the skin is less prone to clogged pores and other factors that contribute to breakouts. So, while the results of a single treatment may last from a few weeks to a few months, the treatment of acne, in the broader sense, generally involves a continuum of care.

What are the best acne treatment options?

At the Skin Center of South Miami, our experienced physicians help treat and prevent acne breakouts using customized dermatology treatments, tailored to your individual needs, which may include the following.

Glycolic Peel

An exfoliating treatment with alpha hydroxy acid to remove dead skin cells and improve skin texture. Helps to even skin complexion and prevent acne breakouts.

Beta Peel

A penetrating exfoliation with beta hydroxy acid to cleanse pores and improve complexion. This treatment is highly recommended for treatment of sun damage and for monthly control of acne prone skin. Also very effective for the prevention of breakouts and redness caused by rosacea.

Derma Facial

This 2-in-1 treatment combines exfoliation with facial pore extractions. First, a light microdermabrasion treatment removes dead skin cells to soften and expose pores. Then a deep pore cleansing leaves the skin clean and fresh. The treatment is finished off with a soothing mask. Recommended monthly to maintain a healthy, clear complexion.

Acne Control Facial

Recommended as part of your acne control program, a clear, healthy complexion is emphasized. This therapeutic facial combines exfoliation and deep pore cleansing to prevent and heal acne breakouts. A purifying mask calms and soothes skin irritation to leave your skin feeling fresh and renewed.

Rosacea Control Facial

This therapeutic treatment is recommended for control of rosacea-prone skin. A three-layered facial evolves into a soothing mask to reduce the irritation and sensitivity caused by rosacea. Recommended monthly.

European Facial

After a thorough cleansing, pores are softened and opened using a bath of warm steam. Deep extraction of the conditioned pores removes debris and dead skin build-up. The skin is then toned and hydrated to leave the face fresh and clean. Recommended monthly.

What are the benefits of visiting the Skin Center of South Miami for acne treatment?

Some of the many benefits of visiting one of our acne dermatologists at the Skin Center of South Miami include:

  • Access to innovative acne treatments
  • We offer a range of acne treatment options for all skin types
  • We can treat even the most serious cases of acne
  • We may be able to improve the look of scarring and skin damage due to acne

Schedule your Acne Treatment Consultation in South Miami!

If you are interested in learning more about acne prevention and treatment, visit our experienced acne doctors at the Skin Center of South Miami. Our providers are experts when it comes to treating acne and are dedicated to delivering personalized dermatology care for every patient, no matter how big or small your concerns are. Call us at 305-740-6181 or fill out the form on this page to schedule a consultation today.


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