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We have launched our new patient portal!

Skin Center of South Miami is happy to announce that we have a new and improved patient portal! Enjoy a more informative, flexible, and progressive patient experience starting here!

We invite you to access the portal and enter all of your most current information as this will help maximize efficiency during your next visit!


Step By Step Instructions To Access Your Portal

1. Once the patient portal is activated by our staff, you will receive an email message. See sample email message below.

2. From the email message, click on the Activate Account blue hyperlink.

3. You will be directed to the Patient Portal. Enter your date of birth and your last name. Then, select Verify Information.
password reset

4. The system will prompt you to enter a password. Enter a new password of your choice and click on Set Password.
change password image

5. After setting up your password, you will be taken to the Skin Center of South Miami Patient Portal.
contact info

6. Close out the Welcome to pop-up message. Then, click on My Health.

7. From the left panel, click on each tab to review and update your information.
contact info image

8. Prior to your appointment, select your pharmacy, enter your medications, allergies, past medical history, and skin disease history.

NOTE: To add the pharmacy of your preference, click on Insurance and Pharmacy and select Add Surescripts Pharmacy. Search your pharmacy by entering the name and address in the filters. Once the pharmacy is identified, select the blue hyperlink of your pharmacy of choice.

9. To view your Upcoming Appointments, click on the Appointments tab.
appointments image

10. To view test results sent by your provider, click on the Test and Results tab.
test and result image

11. To pay your bill and view your statements, click on the Billing tab.
billing image


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