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What are the best ways to treat nail psoriasis?

At the Skin Center of South Miami, men and women have access to our doctors with decades of combined experience in the South Miami, FL community. Patients who have been dealing with white spots or other discoloration of the nails may not actually have nail fungus, but instead may be struggling with a condition known as nail psoriasis.

How do I know if I have nail psoriasis?

A diagnosis of nail psoriasis is achieved with a physical evaluation from our doctors. Some of the more common symptoms of nail psoriasis include:

  • Changes in the color of the nail and nail bed
  • Red or white spots underneath the nail
  • Noticeable ridges and grooves
  • Pitting on the nail surface
  • White, chalky material build-up under the nail
  • Lifting away of the nail from the nail bed
  • Pain and discomfort from loosening or separation from the nail bed
  • Thickening caused by a concurrent fungal infection
  • Brittle or broken nails

How is nail psoriasis treated?

Just like psoriasis that impacts other areas of the body, nail psoriasis can be treated in many of the same ways. Nail psoriasis can take longer to treat and results may be seen slowly, due to the slow growth and replenishment of new nails. However, treatment options for nail psoriasis may include:

  • Medication applied to the nails. The doctors of Skin Center of South Miami may first prescribe a topical medication that can be used directly on the nail and around the finger or toe. These topical medications may include corticosteroid treatments, retinoid creams, or vitamin D lotions. These medications are often applied to the area several times a day to achieve results.
  • Injections. Some patients may do best with a corticosteroid injection that is administered directly under the surface of the nail every few months. A nerve block or anesthetic will be used to numb the area. This treatment is often recommended for patients with severe or recurring nail psoriasis.
  • Phototherapy. For some patients, phototherapy, or light therapy, is beneficial in the treatment of psoriasis, both on the skin and on the nails. These treatments are done right in the doctor’s office.
  • Systemic medication. Oral medications that work from the inside out may also be used for the treatment of nail psoriasis. These may include medications such as methotrexate, cyclosporine, apremilast, and acitretin.

Learn more about nail psoriasis with our team of professionals

Contact Skin Center of South Miami today to discuss your options for the diagnosis and treatment of nail psoriasis. Our practice is located in Suite 110 of 7800 SW 57th Avenue, and can be reached by calling (305) 740-6181.


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