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How to manage eczema as seasons change

With continued changes in the season, it can be difficult for patients who have certain skin conditions to keep up with the environment and its effect on their skin. Patients that have been diagnosed with eczema, or atopic dermatitis, may struggle specifically with managing flare-ups as the seasons change. The dermatologists of the Skin Center of South Miami are here to help individuals in finding ways to improve their skin’s health and manage their condition even with environmental changes.

What is eczema?

To understand the management of eczema, it is a good idea to have a grasp on the condition itself. Eczema is a condition that can cause inflammation of the skin and result in itchy, red rashes. This condition looks different on each person, but in most situations, itching, rashes, and dry, scaly skin are common. For some patients, it occurs only on specific parts of the body, while for others, it can be more widespread and impact their daily quality of life. This is especially true for patients who experience more severe cases.  Eczema tends to have triggers that can cause flareups, and sometimes weather changes with the seasons can cause this to occur.

How to manage eczema during seasonal changes

Patients with eczema will want to pay close attention to their triggers. This may include:

  • Chlorine from swimming pools during the summer
  • Drier air during the winter months/reduced humidity
  • Dry air from air conditioning indoors
  • Poor moisture levels

Once you have determined what triggers your flare-ups, it is often easier to manage the condition. If you are unsure what is causing your eczema, you may want to work closely with your doctor to discuss ways to keep the skin healthy and free from rashes and itches all year long!

Are you struggling with the management of your eczema?

Contact the Skin Center of South Miami today to learn more about dealing with atopic dermatitis throughout the seasons! Our office is located at 7800 SW 57th Avenue, Suite #110, and appointments can be made by calling the practice at (305) 740-6181. The providers in our practice have years of combined experience and continue to provide dermatological services for patients in and around the community.


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