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Is non-stop sweating a sign of other health problems?

At the Skin Center of South Miami, patients in the area can receive the best possible dermatological care from our providers. Many patients come in with questions regarding the hair, skin, nails, and body. We offer treatment for a variety of concerns, including both cosmetic and medical issues. One question we hear from patients is about the severity of sweating. Some patients might experience excessive sweating, which is a sign of a condition known as hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating of the underarms, scalp, hands, or feet that can cause a series of medical and physical concerns. However, this is not the only reason why a patient might be experiencing excessive sweating.

Here are a few other conditions that can develop that can result in non-stop sweating:

  • Obesity – patients who are overweight and/or out of shape may experience sweating during the completion of normal, daily activities. With a proper diet and increased exercised recommended and developed by a medical professional, these patients can obtain a healthier weight and reduce excessive sweating.
  • Thyroid problems – thyroid issues can cause a wide range of symptoms, including excessive sweating. To address issues related to this condition, it is important that patients have an evaluation completed by their primary care physician to determine if thyroid issues are present. Treatment of thyroid issues will often resolve excessive sweating.
  • Diabetes- there are a wide range of symptoms that can occur and indicate a problem such as diabetes. With a proper evaluation of blood sugars over time, diabetes that is properly diagnosed can be controlled by the patient and in turn, reduce non-stop sweating associated with this condition.
  • Infection – an infection can often cause a rise in body temperature, which in turn can cause a patient to sweat. Infection can be anywhere on the body, so a full evaluation by a medical professional may be needed to spot the problem, treat it, and reduce body sweats caused by a fever.

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