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Common causes of skin allergies in Florida

At one point or another, many of us have experienced a rash on the skin. But sometimes, it develops due to an allergen. The doctors at the Skin Center of South Miami work routinely with patients who are dealing with regular problems associated with a possible allergen. Skin allergies, referred to medically as “dermatitis,” is the immune system overreacting when certain allergens come in contact with the skin. These allergens often cause patients to experience a rash, including redness and itching on the skin’s surface. Sometimes they can appear out of nowhere, while other times, patients deal with them for years. Regardless, determining the allergen that is causing the reaction is the key to finding a solution. 

What are the common causes of skin allergies? 

There are many different elements that patients might be exposed to that can cause an allergic reaction. Some of the more common ones seen by our team at the Skin Center of South Miami include the following: 

  •         Cleaning products and chemicals
  •         Certain plants, including poison ivy
  •         Latex allergies
  •         Bug sprays
  •         Sunblocks
  •         Fragrances
  •         Metals, including nickel

How can I find out what I am allergic to? 

Sometimes, knowing what caused the allergic reaction is easy. Patients might recall a new product they used on their skin or an allergen that they have recently come in contact with. For others, the allergic reaction might be more of a mystery. At the Skin Center of South Miami, we see many patients who need to determine the cause of their problem, and find a way to help narrow down the possible allergens. In many cases, certain patches or skin tests can be done to pinpoint the specific allergen and help patients reduce flare-ups in the future. 

Interested in getting a proper diagnosis for your allergic reactions? 

If you are experiencing allergic reactions on the skin and want to find the source of the problem, it may be time to work with a dermatologist to undergo skin allergy testing and screening. The team at the Skin Center of South Miami can assist new and established patients who call (305) 740-6181 to schedule a consultation appointment and initial evaluation. The office is located in Suite #110 at 7800 SW 57th Avenue and is open to assist with general and cosmetic dermatology concerns.


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