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Combat Hollow Eyes and Dark Circles With Tear Trough Filler

Female face before and after plastic surgery anti wrinkle under eyes.As we age, losing some facial volume is normal. Unfortunately, this can cause under-eye hollows or dark circles. Concealers and creams only do so much for tired-looking eyes, but dermal fillers injected into the tear trough area can provide a more dramatic improvement. If you’re curious about this nonsurgical eye rejuvenation treatment, read on to learn more, or call 305-740-6181 to book a consultation at Skin Center of South Miami.

Who Can Benefit From Tear Trough Filler?

Under-eye filler is injected into the crease between your lower eyelid and the top of your cheekbone, also known as the tear trough. Some people naturally have more depressed tear troughs, while others notice this area slowly losing volume over time. A deeper tear trough can cause your eyes to look older or tired. If you have hollowing, volume loss, dark shadows, or mild to moderate sagging under the eyes, you could be a good candidate for tear trough filler.

However, some dark circles caused by lifestyle habits like too little sleep or poor diet won’t improve with tear trough filler. Those with puffy bags or fat bulging under the eyes should also avoid this treatment. Our providers will also check that your skin has good elasticity before administering under-eye filler.

Is Tear Trough Filler Painful?

Getting an injection into your delicate under-eye area might sound scary, but in reality, the sensation is more unusual than it is uncomfortable. Tear trough filler injections are usually hyaluronic acid solutions that sometimes contain lidocaine to numb the area. Your provider can also apply a topical numbing cream. You could experience a brief pinching sensation when the needle is placed, but the treatment is generally well tolerated and over in a matter of minutes.

How Long Does Tear Trough Filler Last?

Dermal filler results usually stick around for a year to 18 months, making tear trough filler a long-lasting solution for under-eye bags and hollows. Most patients get annual treatments to maintain their results.

Book Your Dermal Filler Appointment in Miami Beach

If you’re ready to say goodbye to tired eyes without any downtime, call 305-740-6181 to book your tear trough filler appointment in Miami Beach, Florida. The skilled medical providers at Skin Center of South Miami have extensive experience using cosmetic injectables to help patients look and feel their best.


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