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Acne-Prone Skin? Know Your Treatment Options!

Acne-prone skinIf you've been struggling with acne or if you have skin that is prone to breakouts, there are several effective treatment options that you can explore. Numerous safe and effective options are available, allowing you to easily discover one that best suits your needs.

Fighting Acne-Prone Skin, One Step at a Time

Topical Medications

One of the most common types of treatments for acne-prone skin involves the use of topical medications. Some topical medications that have retinoic acid or tretinoin, for example, may be helpful for situations where a patient may have moderate acne. Topical acne medications are typically incorporated into your skincare routine, and many of these help prevent your hair follicles from getting plugged, which is a significant factor in the development of acne.


Antibiotics are a frequently used treatment option for individuals with acne-prone skin. This approach is beneficial as it effectively targets the excess bacteria on the skin that leads to redness and inflammation, a significant factor in the development of acne. This treatment option is gradual, and you will be on it for a specific duration. If everything goes well, you will be gradually taken off the antibiotics once your acne is under control.

Combined oral contraceptives can be used as a treatment for acne-prone skin in certain situations. This approach has received approval from the FDA, although it is specifically for women. It can be used alongside other forms of acne medication.

Light Therapy and Dermatological Treatments

There are also a number of different types of therapies that people who have severe acne might use. This includes but is not limited to light therapy, a chemical peel, drainage, extraction, and even steroid injections. Some of these may also be used in association with other medications at the same time.

Discover Treatments for Acne in South Miami, FL

If you'd like to find out more information about the treatment options that are available to fight acne-prone skin, or if you have any additional health-related questions that you'd like to go into in a bit more detail, please don't hesitate to contact the Skin Center of South Miami today or call 305-740-6181 to schedule your next appointment.


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