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What Patients Are Saying About
Skin Center of South Miami

At Skin Center of South Miami, it is our number one priority to ensure that our patients have access to high-quality skin care in a professional and comforting atmosphere. Below you will see what some of our patients have to say about our practice and dermatology care.


No sales pitch for products and services! A thorough body check for abnormal growths. In and out of the exam room in 15 minutes. Love Dr. Poochareon she is very personable and professional.


I love Dr. Poochareon because she takes the time to understand everything about me as a person that directly affects me as a patient. When I explained to her that my new job made it difficult to take one of the oral antibiotics I was on because I didn’t have a set meal schedule any more, she changed my routine. When I explained that one of the topical gels she prescribed was causing problems with my insurance, she immediately gave me something that would work better with my new routine AND would be cheaper. She took the time to understand my routines and adjusted my prescriptions to fit those routines. To me, that’s really important.


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