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The Importance of Annual Skin Examinations

Skin examination

Skin cancer is a serious condition that can impact anyone at any age and of any ethnicity and gender. However, not enough patients are taking the time necessary to monitor for its development. Skin cancer is one of the easiest cancers to diagnose because it is visible on the largest organ of the body. Without regular screenings, patients may be catching their cancerous skin cells too late to effectively treat and reverse the problem.

Why are annual skin examinations important?

A head-to-toe examination with the team at Skin Center of South Miami is the best way to scope out areas where skin cancer may be a concern. The providers at our practice encourage these routine visits to be made for several reasons.

  • First, skin examinations allow the doctor to look for any signs of skin cancer. Skin cancer may present itself as a changing mole, a skin tag, or even a wound on the skin that does not heal. When patients are examined from head to toe, the doctor can spot any concerning areas and take a biopsy. This sample is evaluated for skin cancer to determine if the condition is present.
  • Second, skin examinations done on a regular basis allows the doctor to mark any moles or growths that are naturally-occurring in the body. By tracking these skin growths, the provider can determine between examinations if there have been any changes to them that may be indicative of skin cancer.
  • Third, visiting with a skin doctor can help patients learn more about how to care for their skin and protect it from the sun. This is incredibly important, as skin cancer risks can be reduced with proactive care. The use of high SPF sunscreen is key to keeping sunburn and skin cancer at bay.

Schedule your annual skin examination with the doctors of Skin Center of South Miami today!

If you reside in the area of South Miami, FL and are ready to work with a skincare professional in being proactive about the detection of skin cancer, now is the time to connect with our staff. Call (305) 740-6181 today to request an appointment. We are conveniently located at 7800 SW 57th Avenue, Suite 110 and are always welcoming new patients and families.


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